Het grote demasqué

Anderhalf jaar geleden schreef ik mijn eerste blog over dr. Mamphela Ramphele. In de weken en maanden daarna volgden er nog velen. Over de snelle opmars van de weduwe van Steve Biko in de Zuid-Afrikaanse politiek, over haar aanval op het regerende ANC, over de fusie met de grootste oppositie-partij de Democratic Alliance (DA) en uiteindelijk ook over het grote demasqué van Ramphele en haar, eerder door mij als Obamaiaans betitelde, partij AGANG.

Mijn laatste blog over Ramphele droeg als titel ‘Het volk wordt wederom bedonderd’ en verhaalde over de vaandelvlucht van de vrouw die ooit haar landgenoten opriep ‘to get involve and help to rebuild South Africa’.

Wat mij betreft het laatste hoofdstuk (en daarmee het laatste blog) over Ramphele trof ik gisteravond in mijn mailbox. Haar voormalige staf had de e-maillijst van de partij (mensen die zich ooit hebben aangemeld voor de campagnenieuwsbrief) gebruikt om het ‘volk’ om hulp te vragen.

Lees, huiver en probeer te bedenken hoe verraden de volgers van Agang (“Let us build”) zich nu moeten voelen:


It is six months since the South African elections on May 7, 2014. We know that many of you will have been disappointed in the outcome – as were we.

However, with two seats in Parliament there was a chance for a new voice with Agang SA. Unfortunately, as Dr Ramphele decided not to take her seat and then chose to resign from the party, the organisation has fractured considerably.

While the electorate has been let down, so too have the staff and suppliers who supported Agang SA throughout the campaign. As the leadership changed and as Dr. Ramphele  stepped away from the party, there was nobody left to take responsibility for supplier debts of R10 million, or for the staff left without salaries – R1 million still owed to former employees in total – many of whom cannot afford rent or school fees.

There had been a commitment that the MPs in Parliament would give a percentage of earnings towards settling debts, but that has not happened under the current leadership of Andries Tlouamma and Mike Tshisonga. Dr. Ramphele has made no commitment to make any kind of payment.

 Six months on, we are reaching out to people like yourself who were supportive of Agang SA, to see if there is anyone able to help, as we had all worked to build something positive for the country. Former staff and suppliers cannot afford legal costs, so have been left with nothing and without any other option. If you can offer financial or legal assistance please let us know.

We are hoping that continued pressure, public sentiment and perhaps good conscience may drive some action by the current and former leadership of Agang SA, but six months on we are still struggling to recover. It’s a huge shame – for staff, for donors and for voters – but also for supporters and people like you, whom we met along the campaign, who also wanted to see change and true leadership in South Africa. If you are interested in hearing more or getting involved, if there is any way that you might be able to help, please let us know.

Yours sincerely,

(Former) Agang Staff & Suppliers

Wordt niet meer vervolgd.